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Patient Experiences

Fran Bowdler

An energetic grandma who was left unable to walk due to severe arthritis is back and as active as ever after  revolutionary knee surgery. "“I was very apprehensive at first, as it was not something that I was familiar with. When I was admitted to hospital, I spoke to a patient who had just undergone the same surgery and I was amazed at how quickly she was up and about. This put my mind at complete ease.” View Video                                                                                                                 

Michael Sargeant

A nagging knee injury stopped Michael Sargeant from enjoying his well-earned retirement. His hobbies of restoring classic cars and rowing his own vegetables became impossible because of the pain.
“The operation has completely changed my life and taken the pain away from my knee. I can now do most of the things that I did before – but without the pain.” View video>>

Ellen Chapman

Sporty Ellen Chapman is known to her friends as the ‘bionic woman’ and as she bounds around the tennis court on her new knee - hitting forehands and volleys - it’s not hard to see why.
“It was a fantastic moment. My knee is absolutely great. It’s so good that a lot of the time I forget I’ve got a new knee.” View video>>

Jane Ford

Jane FordConstant pain from a longstanding knee injury made climbing the stairs almost impossible for Jane Ford, who thought she may have to sell her Derbyshire house.
But a total knee replacement using computer navigated surgery has meant she can, once again, fully enjoy her beautiful Peak District home. “The surgery has made a massive difference to my life and I feel like I’m back to where I was 20 years ago. I’m so glad I had it done.” View video >>

Jasna Bicanic

JasnaJasna Bicanic used to love skiing, gardening, hiking and playing tennis. But, as osteoarthritis gradually wore away the cartilage around both knees even walking became excruciatingly painful. A computer navigated replacement of both her knees has transformed her life. “It was a complete success. My life is back to normal and I can enjoy doing the things I love once again. It’s fantastic.”  View video >>

John Stephens

John StephensAfter many years playing and participating in a wide range of sport John Stephens' knees have taken some knocks. The damage was made worse by progressive arthritis which led him to have a total knee replacement last year.
You only get one chance with a knee replacement and I had no doubts that computer navigated surgery used by a top surgeon was the best option and I’ve been proved right.”  View video>>

Norman Fragle

Norman FraggleNorman Fragle spent 50 years as an engineer with British Aerospace, but the job and severe rheumatism took their toll on his knees.
In his early 80s Norman had both knees successfully replaced.  “Being an engineer I understand the real benefits of computer navigation and the importance of precision in surgery.”  View video>>




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